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Generate 120+ different styles of avatars based on the original Avatar AI™ that started the AI avatars trend. It takes just 70 seconds. See more photo shoots in different poses, places and styles.

#1 AI Photo App

Photo AI is the first AI Photographer in the world.

Train photo models with AI, and then use the AI Photographer to take photos with them. Photos you see below are taken with Photo AI and look real, but are 100% AI.

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Standing 3
Standing 4
Standing 5
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Standing 13
Standing 14
Standing 15
Standing 16
Standing 17
Standing 18
Standing 19
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Standing 21
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Upload selfies and start taking AI photos in 30 minutes

Create your own AI character

Create photography with artificial intelligence by training your own AI character. Upload a set of just 30 photos in a diverse range of places, settings, times, and attire. By inputting these images into your AI character, you're teaching it to recognize and replicate it.

You only need to train your AI character once which takes about 33 minutes.

Design photorealistic scenes

Design any scene you wish, from commonplace to rare, stunning instances. Imagine the ability to create a photograph of a sunlit Parisian cafe in the 1920s, or a moonlit beach in Bali with just the right clothes, all from the comfort of your living room.

Simply describe your desired scene and watch as the model generates a highly realistic photo that aligns with your vision. Taking photos is fast: right now it takes about 70 seconds per photo.

Try on clothes

Take any clothes you like from the web and import them into Photo AI and try on different clothes and styles on your AI character.


With Photo AI's Sketch2Image™ you can now create photorealistic renders from your raw fashion design sketches. Imagine doing a quick draft of an idea you have. Upload it to Photo AI and 40 seconds later you have a realistic AI photo of how it'd look in real life. A photorealistic render you can use to show potential vendors, customers, and suppliers.

Magic Editor

Use Photo AI's Magic Editor to select things from your generated photos you don't like, write how you'd like to change them, and it will change it according to your wishes. Also great to brush out typical AI artefacts and anomalies.

Better than the competition

With the same uploaded selfies, Photo AI performs far better than competitors in photorealism and resemblance.

Photo AI™

✅ High resemblance
✅ Maintains ethnicity
✅ High photorealism
✅ Clear and sharp
Competitor A

❌ No resemblance
✅ Maintains ethnicity
❌ Low photorealism
❌ Distorted
Competitor B

❌ Low resemblance
❌ Changes ethnicity
❌ Low photorealism
❌ Distorted and blurry
Competitor C

❌ Low resemblance
❌ Changes ethnicity
✅ Medium photorealism
❌ Blurry

Frequently asked questions

How does Photo AI work?

Photo AI lets you upload selfies, create AI characters and then take AI photos with them. We teach the AI how you look and then it's able to generate photorealistic images of you. You can put yourself in different settings, with different outfits, doing different actions, with different expressions. And best of all, you can do all this from your laptop or phone without having to pay an expensive photographer $100s or $1000s.

After sign up you get access to Photo AI's studio which lets you use our photo shoot preset templates, write prompts or copycat photos of other people, to generate anything you can think of.

What AI model do you use?

Photo AI uses Photo Diffusion™: our proprietary AI model and pipeline which is trained for high photorealism. We keep working on improving it, with better photorealistic data sets, using reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) by users like you which constantly improves our models. All of this to get you better more photorealistic images!

How much does Photo AI cost?

Right now the Pro plan costs $39/mo, the Premium plan $99/mo and the Business plan $299/mo. You get 2 months free if you subscribe annually. You can cancel at any time.

What is an Avatar AI™ Photo Shoot and how does it work?

An Avatar AI™ Photo Shoot is a unique and innovative service offered by Photo AI. It allows you to create over 112 different styles of avatars based on the original Avatar AI™. Just like a real photo shoot, you can experiment with different styles and locations. All you need to do is train the AI character of yourself and then begin your virtual photo shoot.

What are the benefits of using Avatar AI™ for a photo shoot?

The Avatar AI™ Photo Shoot is cost-effective, convenient, and offers quick results. It's 10x to 100x cheaper than hiring a traditional photographer, you can do it from your home, and the turnaround time is just half an hour of training you and then just seconds taking photos.

Can I have photo shoots in different places and styles?

Absolutely! With Avatar AI™, you can conduct photo shoots in various virtual locations and styles. It's all about your creativity and how you want your avatar to be represented.

How long does it take for the photo shoot to be ready?

The Avatar AI™ Photo Shoot has a quick turnaround time of just half hour for training you and then just seconds taking photos. This allows you to review and enjoy your professional-quality avatars in no time.



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